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Kamran Baig is from the United Kingdom and has been an international educator for well over 20 years. He qualified as a science teacher in the UK in 1997 and has worked in international schools in Japan, the UK, and Switzerland. He has served roles as a teacher, head of department, curriculum coordinator, principal, and school director. He is passionate about the power of education to transform the lives of children. Kamran’s experience and knowledge have led to roles as an international school teacher trainer and school inspector. He believes in the power of technology to create personal learning pathways to ignite the potential of each and every student, in a way that has not been possible until now. He outlines his philosophy below:

“Education begins with belief. Belief in the inherent goodness of all children. Belief that each and every child has the right to be happy and successful, whatever form that this takes. Belief that children are born as natural inquirers learning constantly through exploring their worlds. Belief that there can be no higher calling than devoting oneself to protecting and nurturing the hearts and minds of society’s young.

As the world faces the challenges of a technologically intertwined economy that is rapidly transforming the ways in which we interact, it is essential that education innovates to meet these new conditions. The “digital-natives” in our classrooms are exposed to technologies that existed only in science-fiction during our own schooling. We must not educate them towards our past but educate them for their own futures. Most of the careers that they will follow are yet to be carved out by the cutting edge of technology.

The experience that students have as adolescents lays the foundation for their lives as adults. Academic development will only take place when students feel safe in their environment. I place a huge importance on their social and emotional well-being as without this they will not have the security to learn. The future is here, and technology now allows us to create personalised learning pathways to allow each and every student to go to their full potential. This is the mission of the International School of Personalised Learning”

Kamran Baig
Founding Director

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