A Dynamic Start to the New Academic Year at Lucerne International School


The halls of Lucerne International School have once again come alive with the buzz of eager minds and the promise of new adventures. As we stepped into the first week of the 2023/24 academic year, we embarked on a journey that seamlessly bridges tradition and innovation.

The week commenced with a heartfelt welcome breakfast, extending warm greetings to parents and guardians. A unique opportunity for dialogue, this event allowed our community to connect and set the stage for a year of collaboration.

Students were immersed in icebreaker activities that facilitated connections and camaraderie, ensuring that friendships took root from the very start. At the core of this vibrant week is our pioneering blended learning approach, offering students the best of digital and in-person education.

Looking ahead, our community is gearing up for an exciting city-wide "Treasure Hunt" in Lucerne. With the weather on our side, this adventure promises a perfect blend of exploration and fun.

As we reflect on this dynamic start, we're excited to continue blending time-honoured traditions with innovative approaches, ensuring that each day at Lucerne International School is filled with learning, growth, and joy.


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