Kamran Baig Shortlisted for the 2024 Pearson International School Teacher Awards!


We are thrilled to announce that Kamran Baig, our esteemed Director at Lucerne International School, has been shortlisted as a finalist for the prestigious 2024 Pearson International School Teacher Awards! This nomination recognises his outstanding contribution to education and his visionary approach to creating an inclusive, supportive learning environment for all students.

Kamran's Visionary Approach to Education

Kamran Baig is a true pioneer in transforming traditional education systems to meet the needs of 21st-century learners. His commitment to providing equal opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds, including those with personal or family obstacles, disabilities, or illnesses, has set a new standard in education. By implementing a blended learning system, Kamran has created a unique educational experience that combines independent study with continuous support, fostering discipline and adaptability in students.

A Personal Testimony

One of Kamran's students, who faced significant challenges in traditional education systems, shared a heartfelt testimonial about his impact. The student, who experienced two burnouts by the age of 16, credited Kamran for their academic success and personal growth. "Mr. Baig saw that my struggles were situational, not a reflection of my intelligence. He gave me the opportunity to thrive in an environment tailored to my needs. Thanks to his innovative approach, I am now graduating as Valedictorian and have won the 'Outstanding Pearson Learner Award' for the highest grade in Europe."

Recognising Kamran's Impact

Kamran Baig's nomination highlights his dedication to prioritising individuality, student health, and well-being, all while helping each student achieve their full potential. His unique system has not only produced outstanding academic results but also instilled important personal values such as responsibility, self-reliance, and independence in his students.

Kamran is now one of three finalists in the Europe region for the Pearson International School Leader of the Year category. We invite our community to join us in celebrating his achievements and supporting him in the final stages of this prestigious award.

We look forward to celebrating Kamran's achievements at the online awards ceremony on Wednesday, 26 June, from 09:00 to 10:00 British Summer Time. Let’s come together to honour a leader who has made a profound impact on our school and the broader educational landscape.

Congratulations, Kamran! We are incredibly proud of you and grateful for your unwavering dedication to our students and mission.

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