For Students who are in the Local Swiss system

A More Inclusive and Accessible Alternative to the Swiss Matura

The Swiss Matura is the world's broadest university entrance qualification with 13 different subjects studied, including three languages. This broad range of subjects makes it a challenge for many students who may wish to specialise and focus on the subjects that they prefer and that they are successful in.

The Edexcel iGCSE and A-Level courses allow extra considerations during exams such as extra time, the use of a computer, or the use of a scribe, for students who have individual learning needs such as dyslexia. 

Strict quotas exist at Swiss universities for students who take the Swiss Matura and this depends on the Canton. 

The Swiss Matura is not widely recognised by international universities. Those universities that do accept the Swiss Matura ask for far higher grades than compared with the equivalent iGCSE and A-Level qualifications.

The iGCSE and A-Level route is highly advantageous for Swiss students and provides a second chance for students who have gone through the local system to enter both Swiss and international universities.

Our programme allows the necessary iGCSE and A-level qualifications to be achieved to allow entry into Swiss universities after completing compulsory Swiss schooling. In some cases, this can be done in one academic year.

What do Swiss Universities Demand?

Swiss universities accept iGCSEs and A-Levels and these are not subject to the same quotas as the Swiss Matura. To enter the following grades are generally required:

3 A-levels with grades B, B, and C.

The subjects shoud be German, an additional Language or Humanities, Mathematics or a Natural Science (ETH requires both Mathematics and a Natural Science at grade A)

3 iGCSEs at grade B.

The subjects should be Mathematics or Biology, and a further two from the following choice of 6:

History, English, English Literature, Economics, Chemistry, Physics.

At Lucerne International School, Students who have come from the Swiss system can directly enter grade 10 if they wish to enter Swiss universities.


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