How our approach works in practice

What do the students do?

Students study the same curriculum and take the same exams as other international schools around the world. Our personalised learning system uses online and distance learning providers for the core curriculum. 

Teaching Method

Here is the biggest difference from a traditional school. Instead of sitting in the same class as the other students doing the exact same thing, students study their own individual pathway. At the beginning of the course, a teacher is assigned specifically for each student. This teacher meets with the students and the parents at the start of the course and sets out goals. A personalised pathway is created with a specific timeline leading to the exams. Exams are taken either in the Spring or the Summer of each academic year decided by the needs of the student.

Depending on the subject, the content of each course is delivered either through an online programme or working through physical materials. These materials are provided by 3rd party partners who are highly experienced in this area. In order to offer as many different subjects as possible, a variety of providers are utilised. Each student is given a timetable, so that the order of the subjects is structured, as they would be done in a regular school. The students then know exactly when to study a particular subject and for how long, tracked from the start date to the final exam date.

Vacations can be freely organised by families, as the school year is continuous and learning can also continue even if the student is not present at school. 

As they study, they are always monitored and supported by subject specialists who will be there to guide the students and make sure that any potential issues with understanding are addressed immediately so that progress is always maintained. The level of personal care and attention to each student is never compromised as the programme is moulded around them, not the other way around. Reporting of progress is continuous, so the student and parents are always aware of how well the student is advancing.

What subjects?

For students taking iGCSE subjects, English Language and Mathematics, as well as the first level of the Project Qualification are compulsory. Other subjects are decided by the needs and interests of the student and the desired work or study beyond school graduation. The full list of available subjects is here.

How many subjects?

Students usually take between 6 to 10 subjects depending on their future plans. Students usually take an iGCSE subject in order to continue to study the same Advanced-level qualification. Between 2 to 4 Advanced-level subjects are taken in addition to the compulsory Project Qualification. If your child is interested in studying at a Swiss university, you can find their entry requirements here. 

What are the outcomes?

The outcome is exactly the same as a traditional school in terms of exam qualifications. However, our individualised bespoke approach to education means that results are typically higher than conventional schooling.


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