The benefits of Personalised Education

Personalised learning involves an educational environment and curriculum that places each individual student’s needs and abilities at the core. The educational experience is made to measure around each and every student.

Why does this type of customised learning work?

The learning process is non-linear, in other words, teachers can’t expect all the students in their classroom to learn in the exact same way or at the exact same pace. However, educational technology exists to allow individualised learning. Students can work through the curriculum at their own pace and develop a deeper level of knowledge and understanding as the learning process is customised to them as unique learners. This is supported by teachers who act as mentors who guide and facilitate their academic development, monitor their progress, and support the needs of the students as those needs arise. They also provide feedback to students and parents continuously, so you and your child will always know about how well they are doing. It is not just screen time. Personalised learning utilies an online learning element that is enhanced through one-to-one, small group, and project based learning.

Personalised Learning has the following advantages:

  1. Flexible – students can study around other commitments such as sports, work, special talents. This suits talented students who need to study around other commitments such as musicians, actors, athletes.
  2. Learning is not restricted to the traditional school timetable. We do not follow the traditional school calendar, so the learning is continuous and flexible around your family's travel plans.
  3. The day begins later in the morning and this has been proven to have a huge positive impact on academic performance.  We know the sleeping pattern of teenagers and we accommodate this in our programme.
  4. Each student is on a specific plan that is tailored around them.
  5. One-to-one and small group tuition is provided by tutors who are subject specialists.
  6. Study skills are taught in-house as well as metacognitive skills to support students reaching their academic potential.
  7. Academic and personal, social and emotional support is provided by experts, in house.
  8. Students learn skills that go beyond academia and will help them in the future.
  9. College guidance is provided to ensure entry into further education.

Personalised learning empowers students to take responsibility in deciding their own learning process. This teaches the students vital skills that will serve them throughout their lives, for example:

  • Sharing in goal-setting helps students develop motivation and reliability.
  • Engaging in self-assessment helps students develop self-reflective abilities to know what they need to do to improve.
  • Determining their best learning activities helps students develop self-advocacy skills for speaking up and communicating their ideas.


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