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Henry is a 15-year student who is half Finnish and half Brazilian. His first language is Swedish and he has been in Switzerland since February 2015. After arriving in Switzerland with very little English Language proficiency, Henry attended two different international schools, as his German proficiency did not allow him to join a local Swiss school. Henry is a keen go-karter and hopes to become a professional racer. He is also interested in mechatronics, having a strong desire to learn about all things with an engine.

Henry has been studying iGCSEs for the past year, taking 5 subjects: Mathematics, Computer Science, English, Physics, and Business Studies. Since beginning his personalised learning programme, Henry has made amazing progress and has seen a huge improvement in his academic achievement. 

He follows a set timetable which is agreed upon at the start of the academic year. 

"I make much more progress in a much shorter time because I can go through the courses at my own pace. When I need help, I have online tutors and also my teacher who is with me. In my old schools, I always had to go at the same pace as the rest of the class. I studied 5 subjects in one year, with study from Tuesday to Thursday. Mondays and Fridays are for my Go-karting.

My hobby is go-karting and I like to participate in more events, but with international schools, they have strict times of when you can go do sports such as football tournaments or racing. With personalised learning, I can go Go-karting or go to my team's Go-kart shop to learn about the mechanics of Go-karts. This will help me on the way to my mechatronics career. This way is much better for me."


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