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The team at Lucerne International School is a group of highly committed and qualified international educators who are passionate about offering a type of educational programme suited for today's reality. We see education as a tool to empower young people to make a positive change in the world. All students are unique, and we embrace this so that education can allow students to become their authentic selves, with a sense of purpose and self-confidence. We believe that education should be for the future of our younger generations and not based on the past. 

The founders of Lucerne International School.

Kamran Baig (Bio)

John Häggström, Chairman, Entrepeneur, Finland since 1987

We will be sharing more details very soon. Please sign up for more updates. We will be holding free parent workshops to explain how Lucerne International School is the best choice for your child's future success in life.

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If you would like more information and learn why Lucerne International School is perfect for your child, our contact details are below.

Lucerne International School

International School of Personalised Learning GmbH,
First Floor,
Pilatusstrasse 2,
Dierikon 6036

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