Our approach to personalised learning

How does this work at the International School of Personalised Learning?


  • In a traditional classroom, a teacher will deliver a class in the same way to a group of diverse students.

  • This traditional approach does not take into account the differences that are inherent to all learners.

  • Some students grasp topics quickly and are ready to move on while others need more time to practice.


Your child receives the following:

A Personalised Timetable

  • Just like a regular school, your child receives a timetable with set times for different subjects.

  • This allows them to work with subject specialist teachers as well as other students.

  • Collaborative projects, reflections, and individual and small group instruction happen in their classes. 

  • Communication and self-confidence in expressing ideas are vital for developing well-rounded students. By working together, they can learn from one another and deepen their knowledge and understanding.

A Homeroom Teacher

  • Your child's homeroom teacher is your point of contact with the school.

  • As well as taking care of their academic progress, the homeroom teacher is responsible for the social and emotional care of your child. We provide you with continuous information about how your child is doing.

  • We know exactly how they are progressing at any given time. No more waiting for a semester to go past before you get a report card!


The role of the teachers

Teachers act as mentors, facilitators, and coaches to fully support each student. All of our teachers are subject content specialists with the knowledge and experience of the curriculum to get the best results possible for your child.

The role of the student

With our model of education, the schooling approach fits around you! You will be provided with a unique programme of study, supported by qualified staff and subject specialists. No more feeling lost in class! Find out more about our approach here.

The role of the parent

As a parent, you are a partner with us for the success of your child. We provide guidance right from the start for both you and your child. You are provided with continuous feedback on how your child is doing. We will regularly invite you to face-to-face meetings and host parent community events.

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